Stereo Base Calculator

This software is for calculating Stereo Base that is the separation between the left and right cameras when you taking Hyper or Hypo stereo photograph.

This program is freeware for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/7.

The Stereo Base is the distance between the left camera and right camera. This program is for calculating the stereo base to get image separation with Max gap(mm) on the left and right films. For calculating stereo base, please input Lmin(m): nearest subject, Lmax(m): farest subject, f(mm): focal length of the lense. And also, this software can dis-calculat Lmin, Lmax, f.

Max gap is the image separation on the films between the left and right cameras that you want. Default is 1.2mm that is for easy to see the stereo photograph for most people with 35mm films. If you use other film format or you want more or less stereo effect, please change the Max gap before calculating.
Max gap will be also given by the formula below.

Max gap (mm) = Film or CCD width (mm) X SSR

SSR: stereo separation ratio. If you want 70mm image separation between the left and right images on a screen, and if the screen width would be 2000mm, the SSR will be 70(mm) / 2000(mm) = 0.035, and then Max gap = 35(mm) x 0.035 = 1.225 (for 35mm film)