Parallel viewing

Cross-eyed viewing


Stereo scope


Following two photos are one stereo photograph that you can see in 3D with parallel viewing method. Then, let me tell you how to see the stereo photograph with parallel viewing method.

1. At first, keep more than 15 inch between your display and your eyes. When viewing stereo photo, don't tilt your head. (keep horizontal level). Refer to the next Fig.1.


2. Look at the left side photograph with your left eye, and look at the right side photograph with your reight eye. But it is difficult thing.
So, at first you look at the wall behind your display, and then, you look down to the stereo photograph slowly. Don't focus soon.

3. Then, You will see 3 pictures. Please focus the center picture slowly. You will see it in 3D.
You can't see it? Don't worry, you will be expert of viewing by repeating exercise.

* If you could not see it, you can try the next way.
Place a piece of paper between your display and your face. (Refer to the next Fig.2)
Then, see the stereo photograph with your eyes. Don't lean your head.
Can you see it in 3D?